Mark Bulwinkle at Harrison House in

Joshua Tree, California, USA, in 2012

Harrison House Music and Arts


Mad Woman


Cat Man Do


Driving Lessons


Welcome to Joshua Tree




Lou Harrison's straw bale house (and a Bulwinkle Bird)


Jack Car


A Good Idea


Flying Around


Horse Man


Moon Crash


Poochin' Around


Horsin' Around




Making Up in a Sinking Ship


Starring Me!


The Varmint Car


Vertical Thinking


Looking north to the Mojavi


Area 52


Looking out the front door of Harrison House. Postcards, "Faces."




Stoneware tiles


Varmints and stoneware tiles


Mountain Man Bill Colvig


Music Man Lou Harrison


Many beatnick style hand burned sheet steel screens


A whole flock of aluminum music birds in the main room of Harrison House


House Shadows


Gold (in memory of Lou) and turquoise aluminum birds


Gold and Blue


Ocotillo love


The artist, Mark Bulwinkle, who hides inside the artist, Mark Bulwinkle.


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