The Rootabaga Shadows by Mark Bulwinkle

Created in June 2009 for a ShadowLight production of Dan Cantrell's Roootabaga Opera, based upon Carl Sandburg's Rootabaga Stories which will be performed in mid-July, 2009, at The Crucible.

The scale of these "puppets" in relation to each other varies greatly. They are scaled equally here on this web page to facilitate and simplify publication on the web. These representations do, however, actually exist as thin sheet metal cut-outs. This is how they may appear as shadows against a screen. Currently, there are about 105 puppets which are painted black on one side and left shiny metal on the other. They are black on one side so that they can be recognized more quickly during performance.


Automobile Woman

Men in a Car

Woman in a Car

Man in a Car


Bundle of Sticks on a Stick

Cowlick Boy

Cowlick Boy (front)

Braid Girl

Braid Girl (side)

Pitch Fork

An Eye

Man Driving

Man Driving

Woman Driving

Another Eye

Dad (Gimme-the-Axe)

Folding Houses


A Tractor

Woman in a Window

Man in a Window


Train Tracks or Ladders

3 Train Cars




Star and Clown and Tiny Clowns

Arrows and a Clown

Clowns and Ordinary People

Train on a Track

Ordinary People

Ordinary People (More of them)


Large Clown Face

Large Clown Face

Running Pig with Separate Head

Farmer in a Pig + Head

Clown Oven

Clowns Baking!!




Long Armed Man with a Club

Mistake Cow

Stilt Walker

Mistake Cow


Elephant Head

Elephant Body (male)

Woman with a Bundle

Woman with a Bundle #2

Long Arm Man with Club #2

Stilt Walker

Bow Legged Horse

The Sun

A Mistake Camel

A Goat

A Goose

A Policeman (woman)

Lamp Posts

Circus Tent (pretty big)

Sky Scraper (pretty big)

Skinny Trees

Sky Scraper (pretty big)

Meandering River (pretty big)

Waving Grass (pretty big)

Two Mountains (pretty big)

Waves (pretty big)

Pyramid (pretty big)

One Legged Goose

Otherway Train (upside down)

Zig Zag Tracks

Another Train and Weather Vanes(now on buildings)

Tractor Girl

That's all of them and that's enough of them. Have fun and play like school is out! MB
All contents copyright Mark Bulwinkle, first publication, 2009 To Bulwinkleland