Gamma Sigma Chapter

Delta Tau Delta

Pittsburgh, Pa.

1964 - 1967

The last time you felt wanted.

Be patient, fools, for there are many, many

more of you where these came from before

we all become just dust in the wind.

The Shoe Box Monster

There is no editorial order to the following

pictures which were scanned at random as

they were collected from their safe home in

The Shoe Box in October of 2023 in

West Oakland, California, USA.

L'chaim, you all!


Who says lost time can not be found again?

Your safest shelter, 4712, around 1966










































































































































































































































































































































































































Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1964


One last picture may not tell it all,

but it can tell an awful lot.





That's all of the pictures in the shoe box

of boys will be boys (will be girls)

Will be monsters.

Thanks to Brother Russ Gourley,

who lit this fire in

The Shoe Box


The B side of this hit record


By posting these pictures on my personal web site,

I acknowledge the important influence, not always positive,

but never completely negative, these three years of American

college fraternity life had on my development as the

American artist I became. Why did all the picture

taking stop abruptly at the end of 1967, you may

ask? One word comes to mind. And that word is

Tet. Life for many American young men changed

direction, radically for some, never to return

to their former vectors in life, which seem to be

represented in these photos. So it goes. This page

will be as close as I come to revisiting that gone world.

While I don't salute you, Gamma Sigma, with

a warm affectionate smile I do remember all of you.

Mark Bulwinkle, Oakland, Ca. USA - 2023